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Our Story

Balance and Believe was founded in 2014 by Derek and Christina Schnarr after many years of sharing unique and creative ways to give back in their community and being an example for that community of the true power of good. Derek and Christina feel strongly that for anyone to reach their full potential they must first achieve “Balance.”  This journey is about the word Balance.  Everything we do is about Balance.  Balance your checkbook.  Balance when you walk.  Balance when you eat. Balance when you sleep. Balance on the golf course and Balance off of it. 


The next important piece is to Believe.  If we don’t Believe it, how can we achieve it?  If I’m not my biggest fan, who’s going to be? If I don’t know where I am how will I know where to go? This is how Balance & Believe was founded, and having Balance, and Believing, are at the center point of everything we do.


Derek & Christina also felt very strongly that many kids had become disconnected from the real world.  To that end, this program strongly encourages the participants to “give back” through various philanthropic endeavors. Since our inception of Balance & Believe, we have supported many causes like research funds for the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center and the MACC Fund, as well as donating computers and tablets to local schools, and providing local food pantries with extra resources.


In 2016, we started an event called "The Longest Day of Golf". Some of the most well-known Junior Golfers in the Madison area teamed up and played as many holes as they possibly could in one day, with per-hole donations being made by individuals and businesses. Since 2016, the Longest Day of Golf has grown into the biggest yearly fundraiser for the Balance & Believe Foundation, and has raised over $100,000. 


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