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Longest Day of Golf

Longest Day of Golf Logo.png
June 19th, 2023
Blackhawk Country Club

The Balance & Believe Foundation has partnered with the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Research Center, and the MACC Fund to present the Longest Day of Golf.


The Longest Day of Golf is centered around promoting junior golf while raising money for the community. During the Longest Day of Golf, Junior Golfers, High School Teams, and Collegiate Teams from all over the state gather at Blackhawk Country Club to play as many holes as possible in one day. To raise money, the participating teams will raise money to be donated on a per holes played basis from local individuals and businesses, with the intention of playing 200 holes.


Our goal is that to have teams from all over Wisconsin participate in an attempt to raise $1,000,000. The money will be split up between our fight against cancer by supporting the UW Carbone Cancer Research Center and the MACC Fund, and our support of the participating teams.


Balance & Believe is a 501c3.  All donations are paid to the Balance & Believe Foundation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you find the kids to play?

A: Teams will be assembled from Junior Programs, High School Programs, and Collegiate Programs from all over the state. The teams can bring as many players as they would like.

Q: Can only 4 golfers participate for each team?

A: No! The goal is to get as many holes played as possible without wearing the players out too much. If you have 8 kids who want to participate, you can have 4 people play the first 50 holes, then sub out for the other 4, or any combination to maximize the amount of holes played. If juniors are under the age of 16, they must be accompanied by a Professional from their club in order to take a golf cart.

Q: Where does the money go that is raised by each individual golf course?

A: After the costs to put on the event are taken out, 25% of the money goes back to Carbone Cancer Research Center, 25% to the MACC Fund to fund Pediatric Cancer Research at the UW Carbone Cancer Center, and 50% is distributed to the participating teams to help improve their facilitiese, purchase equipment, or any way of their choosing.

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