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Advisory Board

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Paul Graham

With over 40 years of work and leadership at Research Products Corp. that included roles as Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Paul provides a unique perspective of the business world and has a passion for the game of golf and giving back to the community.

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Scott VanderSanden

For over 15 years, Scott served as the President of AT&T Wisconsin after recently retiring in December of 2021. He is passionate about the game of golf, and has played a major role in getting Balance & Believe to where we are now. 


James Bartzen

Jim is a well respected attorney at BoardmanClark, specializing in commercial litigation. He has been named to the "Best Lawyers in America" list every year since 2008, and has also been a 4 time presenter for the State Bar of Wisconsin. 


Brent Reed

Brent is the General Manager at Reed Chrysler and has been involved in the business since 2006. Being a local small business owner himself, Brent provides a unique perspective on what can be done to help local businesses and communities in our area. 

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Lee Ferderer

Lee is the Vice President of General Counsel of the Wisconsin Housing Preservation Corporation after serving as the CEO of The Fiore Companies for over 8 years. Lee is passionate about the game of golf, having served as the Club President at Blackhawk Country Club, and enjoys playing golf with his friends and son Nicolas. 


Eric Bradford

Eric serves as the Chief Financial Officer at ProAmpac and has been in that role since 2012. When Eric isn't working you can find him at the golf course playing with any of his three kids who are passionate about the game and are very involved in Junior Golf Programs around the Madison area both as participants and volunteers.

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