Longest Week of Golf

Let's crush Cancer together and help our community!

About The Event

The Balance & Believe Foundation has partnered with the Wisconsin PGA Foundation, Carbone Cancer Research Center, and the MACC Fund.


The Longest Week of Golf is centered around promoting junior golf while raising money for the community. During the Longest week of Golf junior golfers from all over the state will choose a day to play as many holes as they can from sun up to sun down. Starting April 1st there will be a fundraising poster board in the foyer of participating golf courses for people to donate (pledge money per hole multiplied by the number of holes played). John smith donates $.50 per hole and the group plays 100 holes then John Smith owes $50. Junior players will make up foursomes to play as many holes as they can in a 2 hour block. After 2 hours the next foursome can tag in or the other group can just continue for another 2 hours. This continues throughout the day until sun down. 


Our goal is that to have golf courses all over the Wisconsin participate in an attempt to raise $1,000,000! The money will be split up between our fight against cancer and growing the game of of golf. 


Each player must be 16 because each player gets their own cart.  Each player also gets a blow horn to let golfers know they are coming through and to take cover.  Golf shop will make sure everybody that tees off knows that this event is taking place.  Once you have the players get your current junior program to start raising money.  The juniors do this by getting people to donate a certain amount of money for each hole played.  Example, John Smith donates 50 cents a hole.  The foursome plays 200 holes, John Smith donates $100.  Things can really add up.  Have a simple goal of getting enough donations to total $100 a hole.  Balance & Believe is set up as a 501c3.  All donations are paid to the foundation.  This allows for a tax exemption.  Balance & Believe will then turn around and fund the courses B&B 36 Junior Development Program.  Each junior program will attach themselves to a charitable cause within the community.  Balance & Believe already has partnerships with charities and each program is more than welcome to get on board with any of them.

All proceeds from each course will go through the B&B Foundation.  B&B will payout 70% of the proceeds back to the course that hosts the event.  If a course brings in $20,000, $14,000 would be available for the B&B 36 Junior Program and their money would be designated for a charity of their choice or one on the list provided by B&B.


• 25% Carbone Cancer Center

• 25% MACC Fund

• 25% Wisconsin PGA Junior Foundation

• 25% Community Outreach programs

Q&A about the “Longest Week in Golf”


Q: Where do you find the kids to play?

A: Juniors participating usually come out the club’s junior program. Kids are generally over the age of 16 so they can drive a golf cart. If they are not, then usually someone would have to ride around with them.

Q: Can only 4 junior golfers participate?

A: No, the goal is to get as many holes played as possible without wearing out the players. Maybe 4 players go for 2 hours and then another 4 substitutes in or maybe just 2 switch out

Q: Where does the money go that is raised by the individual golf course

A: Balance & Believe will provide each golf course with their tax id #. Once the day is over and the golf professional collects the money (sometimes takes a while) it gets divided up in the following ways. After the costs to put on the event are taken out 25% of the money goes back to Carbone Cancer Research center, 25% to the MACC Fund and the following 50% is used to grow the game of golf and find something in the surrounding community to get involved with.

Ex: course brings in $10,000. 10% retained by B&B. $2250 goes to Carbone, $2250 goes to MACC Fund, remaining $4500 can be used by golf course to buy stuff for junior program, buy bags or something for local high school team, and some will go back to the Wisconsin PGA Junior Foundation. The fun part will be the discussions on how the clubs junior program wants to use the money.

Q: Does everyone qualify for the Pro-Am?

A: No. If a golf course does over $10,000 in fundraising, they are automatically in the Pro Am with no additional costs. B&B along with Callaway will host the event. Teams that do not hit $10,000 would then be encouraged to enter the Pro Am at normal costs.


B&B Foundation

Finding Purpose and Community Through Golf

The mission of Balance & Believe is to provide an immersive educational experience that includes components focused on philanthropy, nutrition, fitness, and mental acuity.  We know that an effective balance of these components will empower our students to succeed at life, and if desired their chosen sport.

Our Story

Balance and Believe was founded in 2014 by Derek and Christina Schnarr, after many years of sharing unique and creative ways to give back in their community and being an example for that community of the true power of good. Derek and Christina feel strongly that for anyone to reach their full potential they must first achieve “balance.”  This journey is about the word Balance.  Everything we do is about Balance.  Balance your checkbook.  Balance when you walk.  Balance when you eat and balance when you sleep. Balance on the golf course and Balance off it.  If we swing 50 times right handed then we will swing 50 times left handed.  Balance!


The program is designed to help students assess where their unbalance lies and provide the roadmap of what’s required of them to achieve this balance and be the best version of themselves. It’s custom to each individual, because we all have different starting points, but the mental, physical, emotional, social and athletic status of your life will develop in a positive direction through their program’s guidance. The next important piece is to Believe.  If we don’t believe it, how can we achieve it?  If I’m not my biggest fan who’s going to be?  If I don’t know where I am how will I know where to go?


They also feel very strongly that many kids today have become disconnected from the real world.  To that end, this program strongly encourages the participants to “give back” through various philanthropic endeavors. Since our inception of Balance & Believe (under the direction of our Junior Disspural Committee), we have supported many causes, but two of our most prominent include the Carbone Cancer Institute and Madison City Schools. 


When the Bucket of Hope was first started, one of the original causes that the donations were made to was Cancer Research at the UW Carbone Cancer Center. Since the Bucket of Hope evolved into the Balance & Believe Foundation, Cancer Research has remained a consistent issue that the Foundation contributes to. In 2016, we started an event called "The Longest Day of Golf". Some of the most well-known Junior Golfers in Madison teamed up and played as many holes as they possibly could in one day, with donations being made by individuals and businesses. All of the donations were given to Cancer Research at the UW Carbone Cancer Center. 


Additionally, in 2016, the Balance & Believe Foundation decided to look into poverty and homelessness in the Madison area. What we found was that there was a much larger amount of homeless children in the Madison School System than expected, and we wanted to help. Starting with the Falk Elementary School in early 2016, the Foundation began to build food pantries and resource centers at schools all around the Madison area. The needs of each and every school are different, and the Foundation has been working in close correlation with multiple schools to find out what they need. Money for the food pantries and resource centers was raised by the Foundation through multiple events, and donations from our TV show, Tee to Green and their sponsors, along with a grant from the Steve Stricker Foundation.

Upcoming Events

  • Bucket of Hope Junior Par 3 Tour
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Get you kids started with the best Par 3 developmental junior tour in the state!
  • Bucket of Hope Junior Tour
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    All BOH events are listed on the wisconsin PGA website at wiscjuniorgolf.com.
  • Longest Day of Golf
    WHEN: Select a day between JUNE 20-27
    Multiple Participating Golf Courses
    WHEN: Select a day between JUNE 20-27
    Multiple Participating Golf Courses
    Our signature fundraising event. Sun up to sun down, playing as many holes as you can. Find four junior golfers or college players to play as a foursome.


Through our Junior Golf Program, we are providing a platform for our youth to give back and help others all while learning how to play the game of golf.

Our Partners

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